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Do you take your tyres for granted? If your tyres are damaged, or punctured you put yourself and other road users at risk. If you find that you're having to fill up with fuel more often than usual, it could be the sign of a slow puncture. Call Reading Service & MOT Centre today.


When repairing a puncture, it's a legal requirement to take the tyre off and check the wheel for damage. We do that, and then provide a durable puncture repair. We also sell tyres from leading brands like Dunlop and Pirelli. There will be a tyre to suit your car, and your budget.

Tyre repairs and replacements for all pockets

Your car's exhaust has to withstand heat, freezing temperatures, and lots of water being splashed upon it. That's why exhausts are so liable to rust and damage. A damaged exhaust will cause you to fail your MOT; we repair exhausts and fit replacement exhaust systems.


Have you ever used an exhaust bandage to cover holes or cracks? It's only a matter of time before pressure forces them off again. Our exhaust repairs are professional, and durable.

Exhaust repairs that last

For tyre repairs and replacements, phone

0118 958 1198

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Batteries which you can always rely on

Your battery should be reliable and do its job effectively. You shouldn't have to think or worry about it. We can test and diagnose your battery's health to determine if it is time for a replacement. We stock a wide range of high quality batteries all at extremely affordable prices. Call in today if you have concerns about your battery or if your current one has completly died. We will have you back on the road in no time!