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Your brakes are a life saver, for you and your family. You never know when you'll have to call on them in an emergency. If your brake pads are worn, or your brake disc is damaged, it could be catastrophic. Don't take the risk with your brakes.


Do you ever hear a grinding noise when braking? Does your car pull to the right or left when slowing to a halt? These are the warning signs of brake problems. Call Reading Service & MOT Centre immediately. Our low cost brake repairs will make your car safe again.

Don't take a risk with your car's brakes

Do you find that you have to keep pressing the clutch in and out, before you can change gear? This could be sign of leaks from the piston seals of your clutch. Your clutch allows gear changes, and it also controls the amount of power to your vehicle.


If your clutch needs repairing, you'll notice a lack of power. You'll also lose fuel efficiency. We carry out expert clutch repairs. You'll get easier gear changes, and more miles to the gallon.

Clutch repairs that can save you money

For clutch and brake repairs, and more, phone

0118 958 1198

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